Saturday, August 23, 2014


Last night I brewed our first attempt at a Gose. You can see the run down here of the brew day. We used 2 lbs of acidulated malt to "sour" the beer without having to use lactobacillus, but it wasn't easy. The mash didn't go as well as I had thought because my efficiency wasn't great. I had to resort to 6ml of lactic acid to get the mash pH down to an acceptable range because I didn't dilute our water with RO and didn't want do overdo it with the calcium additions. Needless to say, we mashed the wheat and pilsner malt for an hour, then added the acid malt for another hour. I think the idea is to get as much extraction as possible from the wheat and pils prior to adding that large of a quantity of acid malt.

The brew it self went relatively smoothly, but it's still very hot here in Florida. It may be hard to read, but near the bottom in green on the board above, we added 0.75oz ground coriander and 0.5oz sea salt with 10 min left in the boil. I had originally planned for 1oz of coriander and 0.75oz of salt, but ended up trimming it back a bit as I didn't want to overdue it. If we need to, we can always add some additional spices to the keg. It should ferment out in about a week and we'll hopefully be drinking it in 2-3 weeks from now.

Next up will either be a Black IPA, or since I just bought my first pack of lager yeast, we might do a Marzen/Oktoberfest followed by either a dunkel or schwarzbier (maybe the other way around too).

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